sunset in Peterborough
Cedar Trees on Hiking Path& B
cedar trees on hiking path beside Liftlock B&B
Heated Swimming Pool
Swimming pool Peterborough Ont
Canoes in Front of B& B
canoes in front of Liftlock Bed and Breakfast
Guest in one of our canoes
Guest at Liftlock Bed and Breakfast
Liftlock Cruises
Liftlock Cruises
Winter on the trent Severn
Winter on the trent Canal
Rafting on trent Severn
Raft in front of Liftlock Bed and Breakfast
Sunset in Summer
Summer sunset at Liftlock B&B
Sunset in Winter
Winter sunset at Liftlock B&B

Liftlock Bed & Breakfast: Site Directory of Small Private Hotel

Please use the directory below to navigate the web site of Liftlock bed & breakfast in Peterborough, Ontario.

  • Home:
    A description of our luxury Peterborough Accommodation, city amenities, country atmosphere, only 3-4 minutes from downtown Peterborough.
  • Suites:
    We offer 3 ground level keyed suites. Each has pillowtop beds, ensuite baths, cable television, air-conditioning and a bar fridge.  Waterview Suite is wheelchair accessible.
  • Contact-Rates:
    A description of our Conveniences including free wireless Internet, restrictions, rates and payment opportunities
  • Directions-Maps:
    Google map to Liftlock Bed and Breakfast. Instructions how to reach Liftlock Bed & Breakfast. Weather report for Peterborough area.
  • References From Past Guests
    Messages that past guests have left us commenting on their experiences and appreciation of Liftlock Bed and Breakfast.
  • Photo Gallery:
    Pictures taken by guests as they enjoyed our little piece of heaven along the trent Severn Waterways
  • Chambo's German Shepherds
    Our resident pets include three alpacas as well as black German Shepherd dogs. Our dogs are obedience trained and bark only when necessary.
  • Accommodation Links:
    For your convenience we offer links to other Bed and Breakfasts, hotels and Lodges in area. With only two suites, we find we often have refer people to other accommodation
  • Attractions in Peterborough:

  • Peterborough has many permanent Attractions, Oganizations, Service Clubs and interesting and free things to do.
  • trails Sports Peterborough Area
    Peterborough has great trails for hiking, running or biking. Cross country skiing is great in winter.
  • Restaurants Fine Dining or Takeout
    Peterborough has great Restaurants. Check some of the links
  • Churches in Peterborough:>
    Peterborough has numerous denominations of churches in the vicinity of Liftlock Bed and Breakfast. Some of our guests are here to participate in weddings and funerals.
  • Boats,Cruises and Rentals
    Activities take place on the water in Peterborough including a boat cruise through the highest hydraulic lock in the world. There is an antique boat show every year
  • Horse and Car Racing, Slots and Bingo
    For those that desire excitement and want a bit of gambling, the Races, Slots or Bingo will interest them
  • Museum, History of Peterborough, Art Galleries and Zoos
    Educational as well as entertaining, Peterborough has an interesting background and world-class Galleries and Museums
  • Hockey, Lacrosse and Skating
    Links to your favorite hockey, skating and lacrosse clubs
  • Service Clubs, Radio, Television, Dog Clubs
    Links to Peterborough Service clubs, Peterborough radio, television and local dog clubs
  • Hobbies, Special Interest
    Links to special interest groups in Peterborough such as Genealogy, Hobbies, Science, Astrology and many more
  • Golf Courses
    Links and information about the excellent golf courses in the Peterborough, Kawartha area
  • Music, Theatres, Festivals and Winery.
    Links and information about entertainment in the Peterborough, Kawartha area including our famous Festival of Lights.
  • Sir Sandford Fleming College and Lakefield Private College
    Links and information about these high ranking schools that Peterborough is proud of
  • Trent University
    Links and information about this International School that is home to the new DNA cluster
  • Association and Webmaster Resources
    Links to Accommodations and Webmasters around the world. This makes it possible to see our site in foreign countries
  • Alternate Life Style
    Links to other accommodations and interests in all parts of Canada. .
  • Canada travel Links
    Links to other accommodations in all parts of Canada. Some are Bed & Breakfasts and some are hotels.
  • United States travel Links
    Links to other accommodations in all parts of United States. Some are Bed & Breakfasts and some are hotels.
  • International travel Links
    Links to other accommodations in all parts of the world. They pertain to the travel-tourist industry.
  • Liftlock Bed & Breakfast Tel: 705-742-0110  810 Canal Road e-mail: Liftlock Bed & Breakfast Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Postal Code: K9L 1A1

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